American University of Technology promises to deliver a quality education that allows you opportunity to achieve your dreams of education without having to mortgage your future to attain it. To help you reach your dream of college degree, offer affordable tuition rates and flexible enrollment options. Tuition and fees are annually by Board and are effective only for academic year noted.

Degree Programs Tuition/Credit
Undergraduate Program $90
Graduate Program $150
Doctoral Program $250

The total cost of attendance are certificate program is $1,620 and the total cost of attendance bachelor’s degree is $10,800. The total cost of attendance the Master of Science is $4,500 and the total cost of attendance the Master of Business Administration is $5,400. The total cost of attendance the Doctor of Business Administration is $15,000. Tuition and applicable fees are due and payable at time of registration and prior to start of term.

Breakdown of total cost of attendance, required credits, and duration

Program Required Credits Total Cost Duration
IT Certification Course 6 Credits $540 1-3 months
Certificate Program 18 Credits $1,620 3-9 months
Bachelor’s Program 120 Credits $10,800 24-48 months
Master’s Program 30 Credits $4,500 12-18 months
MBA 36 Credits $5,400 12-18 months
Doctoral Program 60 Credits $15,000 36-48 months

Save up to 75% in cost through credit transfer, credit by exams, and life and work experience.

Save up to 50% in cost by transferring graduate credits from accredited institutions.

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