Master of Science - Information Systems and Technology

This program focuses on the in-depth understanding of the information systems and technologies required to design, implement, manage, evaluate, and improve technology-driven business models and operations. The program covers information security and assurance, data analytics, IT project management, digital media and web technology. Students can choose from the following concentrations: Cybersecurity, Informatics and Data Analytics, Interactive Media and Web Technology, and Instructional Systems and Technology.

 Course Title 
1.Fundamentals of Information Systems3
2.Information Systems Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies3
3.Information Systems Architecture3
4.Information Security Regulatory and Legal Environment3
5.Information Technology Project Management3
6.Research Methods in Information Systems and Technology3
7.Information Systems and Technology Capstone3

Cybersecurity Concentration

8.Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 3
9.Network Security Fundamentals and Cryptography3
10.Digital Forensics and Network Intrusion3

Informatics and Data Analytics Concentration

8.Data Analytics and Business Intelligence3
9.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning3
10.Data Management Tools and Techniques 3

Interactive Media and Web Technology Concentration

11.Fundamentals Interactive Media Technology3
12.Principles of Web Design and Media Technology3
13.Advanced Interactive Design3

Instructional and E-learning Technology Concentration

14.Fundamentals of Instructional and E-Learning Technology3
15.Web-based Course Development3
16.eLearning Development and Application3

Master of Business Administration

This program is an advanced study in business and management designed to equip students with the knowledge to excel in executive-level roles across various industries. The MBA program focuses on advanced business strategies, leadership and change management, human capital management, and tools, activities, and resources that can facilitate the creation of business knowledge and intelligence for strategic decision-making. Students can choose from the following concentrations: Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation, Information Technology Management, and Human Capital Development.

 Course Title 
1.Strategic Management and Business Policy3
2.Strategic Marketing Management3
3.Human Resource Management3
4.Leading Processes, Technology and People 3
5.Business Law and Ethics3
6.Managerial Accounting3
7.Financial Analysis and Decision Making3
8.Project Management3
9.Capstone Project3

Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation

10.Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
11.Strategy-Driven Technology Innovation3
12.Building Business Models3

Information Technology Management

13.Fundamentals of Information Systems3
14.Information Systems Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies3
15.Data Analytics and Business Intelligence3

Human Capital Development

17.Foundations of Human Capital Development3
18.Human Performance Technology 3
19.Organizational Learning and Performance3