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If you have already earned credits at another college or university, we don’t want them to go to waste. We accept eligible credits from both online and brick-and-mortar schools to put toward our Associate, Bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs. We’ll also take your previous work and life experience into consideration, and award credit based on everything you already know. That means you will save even more time and money when you choose our College.

Undergraduate students can transfer up to 75% of their bachelor’s degree program from other programs and institutions. Life and work experience, on the other hand, can make up a maximum of 25% of transfer credits. Graduate students can receive transfer credit for up to 50% of their program. We do not accept life or work experience credits at the graduate level.

If you have credits you would like to transfer; you will need to submit an official transcript from your previous school within 90 days of enrollment at ACT. Our Registrar will then evaluate your transfer credit eligibility and come up with an academic plan that ensures you are taking the minimum number of courses you need to graduate. To submit a transcript request, have your previous school mail your transcript to the following address: 801 N Stonestreet Ave, Rockville, MD 20850 or transcripts@autech.education.