American University of Technology accepts eligible credits from both online and brick-and-mortar schools to put toward the bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs. We will also take your previous work and life experience into consideration and award credit based on everything you already know. That means students will save even more time and money when they choose American University of Technology. Previous degrees, certificates, and work experience can be applied to our degree programs. Also, students can leverage ACE Credit Recommendations to obtain credits for workplace learning and military training.

Undergraduate students can transfer up to 75% of their bachelor’s degree program from other programs and institutions. Life and work experience, on the other hand, can make up a maximum of 25% of transfer credits. Graduate students can receive transfer credit for up to 50% of their program. American University of Technology does not accept life or work experience credits at the graduate level.

If you have credits you would like to transfer; you will need to submit an official transcript from your previous school within 90 days of enrollment. The Registrar Office will evaluate your transfer credit eligibility and come up with an academic plan that ensures you are taking the minimum number of courses you need to graduate. College transcripts must be official copies from the institution. Electronic copies should be sent directly from the institution to

Transfer Credit Acceptance Standards

Transfer credit is granted only for courses in which the equivalent to American University of Technology’s standard for a “C-” or better has been earned, and which fit the College’s academic program requirements. Courses in which a grade of “pass” is received must be certified by the school as being equivalent American University of Technology’s standard for a “C-” or higher in order to be accepted in transfer. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, transfer credits must be from either U.S.-based schools that are accredited by a body that is recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation, or non-US institutions that are listed in the International Handbook of Universities.

Transfer Credits for Students Outside of North America

For international students, an evaluation from an agency listed as an active member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) such as World Education Service (WES) and NARIC is required.

Credit for Life Experience/Prior Learning Assessment/Credit by Examination

Those who have served in the US military worked in government or received CEUs from certain companies and organizations may also be eligible to receive college credits for work-related training. Check with the Transcript Service of the American Council on Education ( for more information. Students can receive credit for the following:

  • Experience and prior learning for up to 25% of undergraduate.
  • Credit by examination from ACE, AP, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior, TECEP, and NCCR.
  • Military, corporate, and ministry training.
  • Unaccredited courses like CEUs and MOOCs (edX & Coursera).
  • Certifications, licenses, and ordination or other prior learning or experience.
  • StraighterLine Academy Credits
  • Saylor Academy Credits
  • SOPHIA College Credits
  • College Credits

Credit by Examination

  • College Board’s College-level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)
  • Excelsior Exams
  • TECEP Exams
  • American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service
  • NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service)

The charge for the exams is about $80.00. Study guides can also be purchased to prepare for the exams. Sites may also charge a modest administrative fee. The amount of credit awarded is based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for the minimum scores required.