Bachelor of Science – Business and Technology Management

The Business and Technology Management bachelor’s program focuses on creating and managing modern businesses leveraging advanced technologies. The program explores the fundamentals of business strategies, technology-driven business models, and how to use emerging technologies for business advantage. Students would learn the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurial technology and innovation and how to bring business ideas to the market. Also, the program delves extensively into information technology and how it can be used to create competitive advantage. Students can choose from the following concentrations: Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, and Technology Entrepreneurship


 Course TitleCredit Unit
1.English Composition I3
2.English Composition II3
3.InFoundation of Oral Communication Communication3
4.Foundation of Oral Communication 3
5.Technical Communication3
6.Business Communication3
7.College Mathematics3
8.Statistical and Business Analysis3
9.Economics in the Digital Age3
10.Principle of Macroeconomics3
11.Critical Thinking and Logic 3
12.Natural Science3
13.Survey of United States History3
14.Introduction to Psychology 3
15.Social Impact of Business3
16.Social Impact of Technology3
17.Introduction to Financial Management3
18.Managerial Accounting3
19.Information Technology Fundamentals3
20.Concepts and Applications of Information Technology3
21.Introduction to Business Management3
22.Management and Organization Theory 3
23.Organizational Leadership and Development3
24.Human Resource Management3
25.Principles of Marketing 3
26.Business Law 3
27.Ethics in Technology Management3
28.Management Information Systems3
29.Strategic Information Systems3
30.Strategic Management3
31.Introduction to Blockchain Technology3
32.Human Computer Interactions3
33.Cloud Technology3
34.IT Project Management3
35.Research in Information Technology3
36.Capstone Project3

Cybersecurity Concentration

37.Introduction to Cybersecurity3
38.Computer Communications and Networks3
39.Network Security and Cryptography3
40.Information Security Regulatory and Legal Environment3

Business Analytics Concentration

41.Database Management3
42.Data Analytics and Business Intelligence3
43.Artificial Intelligence3
44.Introduction to Algorithm3

Technology Entrepreneurship Concentration

45.Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
46.Digital Business Strategy3
47.Building Business Model3
48.Mobile Applications Development3

Bachelor of Science – Digital Media and Web Technology

The Digital Media and Web Technology bachelor’s program focuses on using digital media and web technology tools and techniques to effectively communicate ideas in a variety of channels, including news, advertising, public relations, and web-based learning. The objective is to explore and apply fundamental theories of human communication, visual design, multimedia, interactivity, and new media and technology for strategic planning. Students would learn how to leverage new and emerging technology to advance business or create a scalable high-tech business model. Students can choose from the following concentrations: Digital Media, Web Technology, and e-Learning Technology.

 Course TitleCredit Unit
1.English Composition I3
2.English Composition II3
3.Introduction to Communication3
4.Foundation of Oral Communication3
5.Technical Communication3
6.College Mathematics3
7.Statistical and Business Analysis 3
8.Economics in the Digital Age3
9.Critical Thinking and Logic 3
10.Natural Science3
11.Survey of United States History3
12.Principles of Marketing 3
13.Social Impact of Technology3
14.Digital Media and Society3
15.Information Technology Fundamentals3
16.Concepts and Applications of Information Technology3
17.Introduction to Business Management3
18.Ethics in Technology Management3
19.Cloud Technology3
20.Introduction to Visual Communication3
21.Graphics Design Fundamentals3
22.Introduction to Multimedia Design 3
23.Web-Based Communication3
24.Fundamental of Image Editing 3
25.Digital Media Tools and Techniques3
26.Visual Storytelling3
27.Fundamentals of Design Thinking3
28.Human Computer Interactions3
29.User Interface Design 3
30.User Experience Research3
31.Fundamentals of Programming3
32.IT Project Management3
33.Visual Communication Portfolio 3
34.Research in Information Technology3
35.aCapstone Project3

Digital Media Concentration

36.Fundamentals of Digital Media3
38.AdvancedMultimedia Design3
39.Introduction to Motion Graphics 3
40.Strategic Visual Communication3

e-Learning Technology Concentration

36.Introduction to Instructional Technology3
37.E-Learning technologyFundamentals3
38.Web-based Course Development3
39.E-Learning Technology Tools and Techniques3
40.E-Learning Development and Application3

Web Technology Concentration

41.Principles of Web Design and Technology3
42.Advanced Web Development3
43.Mobile Applications Development3
44.Introduction to Game Development3
45.Advanced Programming3