To create a more inclusive classroom environment, the teacher may want to explain that all her students are special to her. That she wants to meet all their needs. Then, instead of only acknowledging the needs of those with disabilities, a teacher might ask all students to share their special needs. These needs could be placed on post its anonymously, displayed on a board, and the class can discuss what their special needs are for learning most effectively.

If the teacher and students feel it will be beneficial, they might want to acknowledge who has which needs and put their name next to the post it. This enables us to acknowledge the needs each of us has to learn most effectively.

The way this would be set up is in a grid with the needs along the left column and student names across the top (or the reverse).  A student can put an “X” in the boxes under his name indicating the special needs he would like met in this class.

If the teacher wanted to do this anonymously, she could assign aliases to her students.

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