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American College of Technology (ACT) is a non-profit university that offers low-cost online degree programs for students in developing countries who cannot afford to pay a higher cost of university education in their countries of residence. University education is a panacea for poverty in most developing countries. However, the cost of attending traditional universities is very high, and students in developing countries do not have access to financial aids. Therefore, having access to low-cost technology-based learning will enable students to achieve their academic goals without putting their lives on hold. Also, students from these developing countries would have the opportunity to study from the United States accredited university. They will earn internationally recognized degrees at a cost that is a fraction of the amount that their counterparts pay for the same standard of education.


American College of Technology (ACT) provides credible, flexible, convenient, and affordable higher education using technology.


To produce 1000 technology entrepreneurs by 2023.

ACT Now…

American College of Technology (ACT) is a vibrant and affordable technology-based institution that delivers both academic and professional development courses using advanced technology. Our goal is to deliver world-class programs that will fortify and equip students with functional ideas, knowledge, tools, and support necessary to become next-generation entrepreneurs, inventors, and leaders.

The goal of the ACT is to leverage the ubiquitous technology to provide a credible, convenient, and affordable degree programs. Our courses are designed to produce reflective agents of change in information technology, business, and creative industries that will foster initiatives towards solving social and economic problems in the society.

Our Faculty

Our students receive the personal attention they need and deserve from our talented online career instructors and degree faculty. Whether you are taking a career training course or degree program, you can be confident of the high level of passion our online faculty brings to education. This passion translates to an understanding that students may differ in their learning styles. As a student, you’ll enjoy and appreciate interacting with instructors who stand ready to provide the knowledge and expertise you need to master your courses.

Our college degree faculty consists of experienced, credentialed educators who are dedicated to fully supporting your academic attainments. Realizing that the journey can be a challenge, they aim to make your online learning experience one that is straightforward and enjoyable. From explanations to encouragement, each of our college instructors is devoted to your higher education journey and preparing you for a better future. Students will be happy to discover in each member of our career training faculty a passion for education and an eagerness to help students fully understand the subject matter.

Admission Policy

With five eight-week terms, enrollment is open year-round. There are several steps to follow, so you should begin at least one month before the beginning of the term in which you plan to begin your studies. If you plan to use federal student aid or another form of financial assistance, we strongly encourage you to start even earlier. Please read the following steps carefully and complete each of them in order.